Asset installer for phpDocumentor

1.1.2 2013-09-09 06:13 UTC


phpDocumentor relies on specific directory locations for templates and plugins. By default Composer is unable to install in a directory other than /vendor except when using a Custom Installer.

This Custom Installer for Composer will trigger on the following library types and provide custom behaviour for those.

  • phpdocumentor-template, install files into /data/template instead of /vendor


In order to tell a template to use this installer you need to add the following composer.json

    "name": "phpdocumentor/template-$NAME$",
    "type": "phpdocumentor-template",
    "license": "MIT"
    "require": {

The type element will instruct Composer to use this Custom Installer.


  • Add the phpdocumentor-plugin library type as well.


What's up with the name?

Due to a bug in Composer at time of writing of this document, the name must be alphabetically LATER than the word template.