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Multitaxonomy (Twig templates for pagerfanta objects)

dev-master / 0.1.x-dev 2018-12-28 21:03 UTC

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Last update: 2021-05-29 01:14:20 UTC


Multitaxonomy (Twig templates for pagerfanta objects)

Done: renamed to php-taxonomy/multitaxonomy-pagerfanta-twig-templates

  • DBAL-util is not used directly in templates!

These templates are used like a library.

$c->loadFromExtension('twig', [
    'paths' => [
        '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/php-taxonomy/multitaxonomy-pagerfanta-twig-templates' => 'MultiTaxonomyDbalUtilBundle',
        // templates is the new directory name in Symfony 4
        // '%kernel.project_dir%/vendor/php-taxonomy/multitaxonomy-dbal-util-bundle/Resources/views' => 'MultiTaxonomyDbalUtilBundle',

Check syntax

With twigcs

With symfony ~framework-bundle

$ bin/console lint:twig vendor/php-taxonomy/multitaxonomy-dbal-util-pagerfanta-twig-templates/