1.0 2013-12-05 19:29 UTC


PHP SDK for the Rexster REST API


Create a graph object

$graph = new Graph('http://localhost:8182', 'testing');

Get a vertex from the graph by vertex id

$vertex = $graph->getVertex($vertex_id);

Get an edge from the graph by edge id

$edge = $graph->getEdge($edge_id);

Get a vertex by an indexed property or attribute

$vertex = $graph->getVertexByAttribute('name', $name);

Get all vertices with offsets for paging

$vertices = $graph->getVertices();

Create a vertex

$vertex = new Vertex($graph);
$vertex->some_property = "some property";
$vertex->another_attribute = "haay";

Create an edge

$edge = new Edge($graph);
$e->some_property = 'edge name property';
$e->_inV = 4;
$e->_outV = 8;
$e->_label = "knows";

Create an in/out edges for a given vertex

$vertex = $graph->getVertex($vertex_id);
$vertex->createOutEdge($to_vertex_id, 'likes', $data);
$vertex->createInEdge($from_vertex_id, 'likes', $data);

Gremlin scripts

$gr = new Gremlin($g);
$response = $gr->runScript("g.v({$vertex_id}).out.path");