A library that brings the mana js library to the php world

7.0.2 2024-04-08 18:51 UTC


A library that brings the mana js library to the php world.

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The installation of this library is made via composer and the autoloading of all classes of this library is made through their autoloader.

You must add the asset-packagist repository to your composer.json :

	"repositories" : [{
			"type" : "composer",
			"url" : "",
			"name" : "asset-packagist"

The repository is mandatory as the npm packages do not appear in the generic packagist repository. Then :

  • Download composer.phar from their website.
  • Run the following command to install this library as dependency :
  • php composer.phar php-mtg/php-mana-bridge ^7

Basic Usage

use PhpMtg\Mana\Mana;

$symb = Mana::findByCode('w'); // returns a white mana symbol
(string) $symb->getIconHtml(); // <i class="ms ms-w"></i>

For the icon to appear on an html page, you have to publish the css and font files (or uses a cdn like jsdeliver, as specified in the original readme of the mana-font library).

The methods Mana::getCssFilePath() and Mana::getFontFilePaths() are made for this task, as they point to the existing files in the mana-font library, under your vendor directory (as created by composer).