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a package to create cda files

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Create HL7-CDA (tm) documents in PHP.

This library has some Australian CDA Extensions enabled.
This library is a work in progress and does not currently provide full CDA coverage.

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To see how to use the library check out the tests folder. ClinicalDocument_test and NCTIS_test are good starting points.

Manage references

Each ClinicalDocument has its own ReferenceManager, which help to manage references across documents.

ReferenceType may be added on some elements to create a reference :

$doc = new ClinicalDocument();

$refManager = $doc->getReferenceManager();

// create an element 'element' which may have a reference

// will create <element ID="my_reference">blabla</element>

// add the reference in a text

// will create <text><reference value="my_reference" /></text>

Run tests

  1. Run composer to load phpunit and build autoload :
composer install
  1. Run tests
you might see the the file phpunit-debug in the tests, the file sets up command line debugging for intellij:
export XDEBUG_CONFIG="idekey=phpstorm-xdebug";
phpunit $@

tests are structured so you can run the tests per group.  look for the @group docblock in each test file.

Version History

Version 1.0.0

This version has undergone significant refactoring and has had many more tags implemented. There has been some customisation to the Australian context. The NCTIS_test implements the code examples for an event summary CDA document.

In this version there is now a lot better checking of tag attributes such as moodCodes, classCodes, TypeCodes. These acceptable codes are enumerated in their Interfaces. Check out ClassCodeInterface for an example. The possible attributes for each tag are derived from the schema documents and set using the setAcceptable< Attribute >Codes methods.

PHP Traits have been used extensively to improve the code-styling/readability and to reduce unnecessary code duplication.

Note that while every effort was made to maintain compatibility with the previous version some changes were required, and some breaking changes were made.

Version 0.1.0

First release