This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the php-flasher/flasher-sweetalert package instead.

PHPFlasher adapter for Sweet Alert 2

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Flexible flash notifications system for PHP

Flash messages are a great way to add some simple notifications to users of your website or application about important events that may have happened.

PHPFlasher gives a straightforward way to give feedback messages in the current or the next page to users with a flashing system.

The flashing system basically makes it possible to record a message and store it within the session so that it can be retrieved when needed.

Official Documentation

Documentation for PHPFlasher can be found on the PHPFlasher website.

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Why use PHPFlasher ?

The PHPFlasher project supports many notification libraries : toastr.js, sweetalert 2, pnotify, noty and notyf and its highly extendable so you can add your custom notifications.

This library is designed, so you can take full control when creating you notifications :

  • Show various notifications simultaneously
  • Render notification easily from javascript with small footprint
  • LTR and Dark-mode support
  • Limit the amount of displayed notifications
  • Show Desktop notifications for Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Framework-agnostic with implementations for: Symfony and Laravel
  • Autocomplete for PHPSTORM
  • You can always create an adapter yourself
  • ...and more

Official Documentation

Documentation for PHPFlasher can be found on the PHPFlasher website.


PHPFlasher is being actively developed by yoeunes. You can reach out with questions, bug reports, or feature requests on any of the following:


PHPFlasher is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Made with ❤️ by Younes KHOUBZA