This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the php-extended/php-html-transformer-object package instead.

A filter for html trees that removes comment nodes.

3.1.16 2021-06-25 15:05 UTC


A filter for html trees that removes doctype nodes.

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The installation of this library is made via composer. Download composer.phar from their website. Then add to your composer.json :

	"require": {
		"php-extended/php-html-transformer-doctype-filter": "^3",

Then run php composer.phar update to install this library. The autoloading of all classes of this library is made through composer's autoloader.

Basic Usage

To filter a dom node, do the following :

use PhpExtended\HtmlTransformerDoctypeFilter;

/* @var $dom \PhpExtended\Html\HtmlAbstractNodeInterface */
$filter = new HtmlTransformerDoctypeFilter();
$filtered = $filter->transform($dom);
// $filtered instanceof \PhpExtended\Html\HtmlAbstractNodeInterface
// but without doctype nodes


MIT (See license file).