A library that implements the php-extended/php-api-fr-insee-naf-interface library


A library that implements the php-extended/php-api-fr-insee-naf-interface library.

A library that makes insee Nomenclature des Activités Françaises (NAF) available as objects to populate a database. The NAF is available at the url :

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The installation of this library is made via composer and the autoloading of all classes of this library is made through their autoloader.

  • Download composer.phar from their website.
  • Then run the following command to install this library as dependency :
  • php composer.phar php-extended/php-api-fr-insee-naf-object ^7

Basic Usage

You may use this library the following way :

use PhpExtended\Insee\InseeNafEndpoint;

$endpoint   = new InseeNafEndpoint();

// for the latest norm (2008) :
$sections   = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv1SectionIterator();   // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv1Section 
$divisions  = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv2DivisionIterator();  // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv2Division
$groups     = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv3GroupIterator();     // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv3Group
$classes    = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv4ClassIterator();     // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv4Class
$subclasses = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv5SubclassIterator();  // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv5Subclass
$artisanats = $endpoint->getNaf2008Lv6ArtisanatIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNaf2008Lv6Artisanat

// for the previous norm (2003) : 
$sections   = $endpoint->getNaf2003Lv1SectionIterator();  // returns iterator of InseeNaf2003Lv1Section
$divisions  = $endpoint->getNaf2003Lv2DivisionIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNaf2003Lv2Division
$groups     = $endpoint->getNaf2003Lv3GroupIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNaf2003Lv3Group
$classes    = $endpoint->getNaf2003Lv4ClassIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNaf2003Lv4Class
$subclasses = $endpoint->getNaf2003Lv5SubclassIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNaf2003Lv5Subclass

// for the previous norm (1993) :
$sections   = $endpoint->getNaf1993Lv1SectionIterator();  // returns iterator of InseeNaf1993Lv1Section
$divisions  = $endpoint->getNaf1993Lv2DivisionIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNaf1993Lv2Division
$groups     = $endpoint->getNaf1993Lv3GroupIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNaf1993Lv3Group
$classes    = $endpoint->getNaf1993Lv4ClassIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNaf1993Lv4Class
$subclasses = $endpoint->getNaf1993Lv5SubclassIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNaf1993Lv5Subclass

// for the previous norm (1973) :
$sections   = $endpoint->getNap1973Lv1SectionIterator();  // returns iterator of InseeNap1973Lv1Section
$divisions  = $endpoint->getNap1973Lv2DivisionIterator(); // returns iterator of InseeNap1973Lv2Division
$groups     = $endpoint->getNap1973Lv3GroupIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNap1973Lv3Group
$classes    = $endpoint->getNap1973Lv4ClassIterator();    // returns iterator of InseeNap1973Lv4Class

The InseeNaf2003Lv5Subclass also contains the default code for the InseeNaf2008Lv5Subclass records, which is made to ease the transitions from the 2003 norm to the latest norm. Those transitions were written using the transition tables on the insee, but in case of multiple transitions, the most probable was hand chosen.

For This reason there may be errors in the transition table between the 2003 norm to the 2008 norm. Pull requests on the csv files are welcome if they try to correct such transition choices.

The same is true for the relations between the 1993 norm with the 2003 norm (for relations between InseeNaf1993Lv5Subclass to InseeNaf2003Lv5Subclass) and is true for relations between the 1973 norm with the 1993 norm (for relations between InseeNap1973Lv4Class to InseeNaf1993Lv5Subclass).