Laravel service provider to handle PHP errors, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely in Google Chrome

5.1 2015-06-30 08:05 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-29 01:51:17 UTC



Use "php-console/laravel-service-provider": "1.*" to install it using Compoer.

Laravel 5.* service provider for PHP Console

PHP Console allows you to handle PHP errors & exceptions, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely and many other things using Google Chrome extension PHP Console and PhpConsole server library.

This packages integrates PHP Console server library with Laravel framework as configurable service provider.


Require this package in Laravel project composer.json and run composer update

"php-console/laravel-service-provider": "~5.0"

After updating composer, add the service provider line at the begining of providers array in /config/app.php

'providers' => array(

Edit config

PHP Console service provider config-file looks like this:

return array(
	'isEnabled' => true,
	'handleErrors' => true,
	'handleExceptions' => true,
	'sourcesBasePath' => base_path(),
	'registerHelper' => true,
	'serverEncoding' => null,
	'headersLimit' => null,
	'password' => null,
	'enableSslOnlyMode' => false,
	'ipMasks' => array(),
	'isEvalEnabled' => false,
	'dumperLevelLimit' => 5,
	'dumperItemsCountLimit' => 100,
	'dumperItemSizeLimit' => 5000,
	'dumperDumpSizeLimit' => 500000,
	'dumperDetectCallbacks' => true,
	'detectDumpTraceAndSource' => false,

See PhpConsole\Laravel\ServiceProvider for detailed options description.

By default it's located in /vendor/php-console/laravel-service-provider/src/config/phpconsole.php and it's not recommended to be edited in this path because it will be overwritten on next composer update.

If you want to edit config you need to run

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="php-console/laravel-service-provider" --tag=config
$ php artisan vendor:publish

So config-file will be moved to /config/phpconsole.php and can be edited as you want and changes will not be lost after composer update.