A worker to send large content without filling the RAM.

v1.1.7 2018-09-25 08:53 UTC


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A worker to stream just-in-time a HTTP Response from a iterator

Quick start

  1. Add the module in your project

    composer require "photon/worker-download"

  2. Add the worker in the configuration

    'installed_tasks' => array( 'PhotonDownload' => '\photon\task\PhotonDownload', ), 'photon_task_PhotonDownload' => array( 'sub_addr' => 'tcp://', ),

  3. Start the worker

    hnu worker PhotonDownload

  4. Send work to the worker in a view

    public function m2stream($request, $match) { $ans = new \photon\http\Response(new MyStream); $ans->headers['Content-Length'] = 247463936;

     \photon\task\PhotonDownload::createDownload($request, $ans);
     return false;