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Quick start

  1. Add the module in your project

    composer require "photon/oauth2-server:dev-master"

or for a specific version

composer require "photon/oauth2-server:1.0.0"
  1. Create a OAuth2 server class

You need to extends the abstract class "Server". This class perform automatics convertion for $request and $response object.

class MyOAuth2Server extends \photon\auth\oauth2\Server
    protected function initializeServer(&$server)
        $storage = new \OAuth2\Storage\Mongo();
        $server->addGrantType(new \OAuth2\GrantType\AuthorizationCode($storage));

You can use this class like the original "\OAuth2\Server".

  1. Define your oauth server class in the project configuration

    'oauth_server' => '\foo\bar\MyOAuth2Server'

  2. Enjoy !