Database abstraction layer and ORM

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Phore-dba is a very simple Object-Relational Mapper for PHP 7.

It will map Objects to Tables using exact the same Names.

  • It will work with mysqli, sql, and PDO in gerneral.
  • Update only changed properties
  • See sqlite3 example


Install using composer:

composer require phore/dba


  • Create as Entity Class SomeEntity and define __META__ data
  • Initialize a Sqlite Connection to /path/to/sqlite.db3
  • Create a Table SomeEntity
  • Insert a new Entity for name: someName and company: SomeCompany
  • query() all Entities and map them back to Entity using each(callable $fn)
  • update() each entity, then delete() it (hm - it's just a demo)
class SomeEntity {
    use Entity;
    const __META__ = [ "primaryKey" => "id" ];
    public $id;
    public $name;
    public $company;

$odb = PhoreDba::InitDSN("sqlite:/path/to/sqlite.db3");
// Use multi_query() to execute multiple Statements
$odb->multi_query ("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS SomeEntity (
    name TEXT,
    company TEXT

$odb->insert(new SomeEntity(["name"=>"someName", "company"=>"SomeCompany"]));

$odb->query("SELECT * FROM SomeEntity WHERE name=?", ["UnescapedValue"])->each(
    function (array $row) use ($odb) {
        print_r ($entity = SomeEntity::Load($row["id"]);
        $entity->name = "MyNewName";

Loading from Database

$entity = $odb->load(SomeEntity::class, 103878);

or - with object casting (IDE Code-Completion):

$entity = SomeEntity::Load(103878);

Working with entities

Entities must be loaded calling the load() method, so the framework can track changes. You should use query() only to retrieve Id's and load the entities afterwards.

Changed fields

$entity = SomeEntity::Load(1234); // Shortcut
$entity->name = "new Name";
assert ($enetity->isChanged("name") === true)