Tool for converting bookdown.json to mkdocs.yml for publishing bookdown docs to

0.1.2 2015-08-24 20:42 UTC

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Last update: 2023-01-11 10:42:49 UTC


Convert your bookdown.json files to mkdocs.yml so that you can publish documentation to

$ cd project-with-bookdown
$ path/to/bin/bookdown2mkdocs.php convert doc/bookdown.json \
> --site-name=my-project \
> --repo-url= \
> --copyright-author="Me Me Me" \
> --copyright-url=


  • The command assumes that your documentation is in doc/book/.
  • The command assumes that you want rendered documentation in doc/html/.
  • The command will create a symlink doc/book/ pointing to the project if such a symlink does not exist. This is because you cannot have index pages in bookdown; those are reserved for auto-generated TOCs.
  • References to remote bookdown.json files will not work, only local files.
  • The command will overwrite mkdocs.yml.


Use Composer to install the tool:

$ composer global require phly/bookdown2mkdocs

Tip: add $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin to your $PATH.


Excecute the command in the root of your project.

bookdown2mkdocs.php convert [] --site-name= --repo-url= --copyright-url= --copyright-author= [--mkdocs=]


  • [<bookdown-path>]: Path to bookdown.json; if not present, assumes doc/bookdown.json
  • --site-name=: Site/project name; typically used as the subdomain in
  • --repo-url=: Repository URI (linked from generated docs)
  • --copyright-url=: URL associated with the copyright holder
  • --copyright-author=: Copyright holder/author
  • [--mkdocs=]: Additional default configuration for mkdocs, as a JSON string