A simple Laravel 4 service provider for including the TwitterOAuth library.

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Last update: 2024-07-15 03:38:13 UTC


A simple Laravel 4 service provider for including the TwitterOAuth library.


The TwitterOAuth Service Provider can be installed via Composer by requiring the "philo/laravel-twitter": "dev-master" package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "laravel/framework": "4.0.*",
        "philo/laravel-twitter": "dev-master"
    "minimum-stability": "dev"

Next you will need to publish the package config:

php artisan config:publish --path=philo/twitter philo/twitter

You can setup your CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET inside app/config/packages/philo/twitter/config.php.


return array(
	'CONSUMER_KEY'    => '<your-app-key>',
	'CONSUMER_SECRET' => '<your-app-secret>'

Finaly you need to register the service provider and the alias. Look for providers inside app/config/app.php register it.

'providers' => array(
	// ...

And do the same for the alias:

'aliases' => array(
	// ...
	'Twitter' => 'Philo\Twitter\Facades\Twitter',


In order to access the API you need your user to authorize your application. To do so the user needs to be redirected to Twitter.

// Visit
Route::get('twitter-redirect', function(){
    // Reqest tokens
    $tokens = Twitter::oAuthRequestToken();

    // Redirect to twitter
    Twitter::oAuthAuthenticate(array_get($tokens, 'oauth_token'));

Once the user has authorized your app he/she is going to be redirect back to the callback URL you defined in your Twitter application settings. You need to register that route and catch the verifier token:

// Redirect back from Twitter to
Route::get('/twitter-auth', function(){
    // Oauth token
    $token = Input::get('oauth_token');

    // Verifier token
    $verifier = Input::get('oauth_verifier');

    // Request access token
    $accessToken = Twitter::oAuthAccessToken($token, $verifier);

Twitter will respond with the information that looks like:

array (size=4)
  'oauth_token' => string 'WFkvKyUG6K4-Vqntts8U4xQFzNHgNEAFTFMPxHH6fvQYwYsbuu' (length=50)
  'oauth_token_secret' => string 'RfVY4hwV7JeKe9WeQqpMUjLqZvKhZuhKp2wmN3MsKM' (length=43)
  'user_id' => string '123456789' (length=8)
  'screen_name' => string 'Philo01' (length=7)

You should store this information in order to access the authorized user in the future. Please look at the source of /vendor/tijsverkoyen/TijsVerkoyen/Twitter/Twitter.php for all available methods.


	$oAuth = User::find(1); // Get the tokens and twitter user_id you saved in the previous step

	// Setup OAuth token and secret

	// Get tweets
	$timeline = Twitter::statusesUserTimeline($oAuth->user_id);

	// Display tweets

}  catch(Exception $e) {
	// Error
	echo $e->getMessage();