Transform a select multiple drop down into 2 lists : to choose on the left, chosen on the right

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takes a select multiple drop down and transforms it into 2 lists : to choose on the left, chosen on the right Mimics a select multiple selection mod with Ctrl and shift keys Allows drag and drop Allow reordering of the chosen items

screen shot

Demo :

Use :

Make a select multiple attribute ex :

<select id="brands"> ... </select>

Instanciate vanillaSelectChooser() :

Example :

let chooser = new vanillaSelectChooser("#brands", 
        minWidth: 180, 
        maxHeight: 400,

Disposal : You can use


to dispose of it

Options :

  • minWidth : the width of a list, default is 200 (px)
  • maxHeight : the max height of lists, where the scroll bars appear, default is 400 (px)
  • addButtonWidth : Except on small screens, a button between the 2 columns allows to add several items to the second list, defautl is 60 (px)
  • gapBeetween : the space between the 2 lists (should be greater than addButtonWidth) default is 120 (px)
  • translations : default is { "available": "Availables", "chosen": "Chosen" }, translate in your own language or change the titles

onchange event :

The onchange event is still available on the select

Retrieving the results :

Get the results directly in the select :

Example :

function getSelectValues() {
    let values = [];
    let options = document.querySelectorAll("#brands option"); (x) {
        if (x.hasAttribute("selected")) {
    return values;

History :

v0.37 : IE 11 support

v0.36 : Nice effects

v0.35 : Drag and Drop multiple from left to right column and sorting modified (the dropped element is placed just before le target element)

v0.30 : Sortable by Drag and Drop (new conception)

v0.27 : IE 11 Compatibility :-(

v0.26 : Correcting destroy() function + adding nous options + css changes

v0.25 : Basic touch screen support (no global Add button (">")) and space reduced to 10 px between the columns

v0.20 : Use of ctrl and shift keys to mimic a select + button add

v0.10 : First fully working version

v0.01 : first prototype Work in progress