A minimalistic skeleton to build your web-app using Phel Lang.

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Phel Web Skeleton

Phel is a functional programming language that compiles to PHP.

This repository provides you the basic setup to start coding a website using phel.

Getting started


Phel requires at least PHP 8.2 and Composer.

Locally (no Docker)

  1. Ensure you have PHP >=8.2 (Some help about how to install multiple PHP versions locally on linux and Mac)
  2. Ensure you have composer
  3. Clone this repo
  4. Install the dependencies | composer install

Using Docker

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Build the image | docker-compose up -d --build
  3. Go inside the console | docker exec -ti -u dev phel_web_skeleton bash
  4. Install the dependencies | composer install

Phel code

  1. Write your phel code in src/
  2. Run your web server with
    • composer run:dev: it will recompile the code on every request
    • composer run:prod: it will run the same compiled code on every request


  1. Write your phel tests in tests/
  2. Execute your tests with composer test

More about starting with phel

Find more information about how to start with phel in getting started.