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A framework agnostic file storage system.

Dealing with uploads, storing and managing the files has been very often painful and cumbersome. This library tries to make this more easy and convenient for you - no matter what framework you are using.

This library is pretty much the same as these plugins for Laravel, Yii and Cake, but not tied to any framework or ORM and less tight coupled.


  • Store files on almost everything: Local disk, Amazon S3, Dropbox... and many more through the fantastic league/flysystem library.
  • Framework agnostic
  • Image processing (optional feature / dependency)
  • Image optimization (optional feature / dependency)
  • Provides factories for the adapters
  • As lite as possible on dependencies


composer require phauthentic/file-storage


Please start by reading docs/ in this repository.


Take a look at example.php or even run it:

php example.php

The example should give you an exhaustive overview of the library.


Copyright 2020 Florian Krämer

Licensed under the MIT license.