PHP for asynchronous task execution

0.2.3 2016-03-09 05:00 UTC


Allows you make any job in another php-process with ability to get feedback from child process during all execution time:

// Child process code:
use Phasty\process\Child\CallableClass;
class ChildProcess extends CallableClass {
    public $property = "A";
    public function doAsyncJob($arg1, $arg2) {
        $this->trigger("doneJob", (object)[ "result" => $arg1 . $arg2  . $this->property ]);

And parent process code:

use Phasty\Stream\StreamSet;
use Phasty\Process\Child\Controller;

$process = new Controller(ChildProcess::getClass());
  or you can use instance of class ChildProcess with predefined state like this:
  $childJob = new ChildProcess;
  $childJob->property = "B";
  $process = new Controller($childJob);

$process->on("start", function () {
    echo "Child process started\n";

$process->on("stop", function () {
    echo "Child process stopped\n";

$process->on("doneJob", function ($event) {
    echo "Got result from child: " . $event->getData()->result . "\n";

$process->doAsyncJob("foo", "bar");

echo "stopped\n";

After execution you should see:

Child process started
Got result from child: foobarA
Child process stopped

You can receive event "error" in parent process on child object in case of catchable error occured or signal (including SIGTERM, SIGFAULT etc)

Coming soon:

1. Killing process with $process->kill();

2. Getting result code

  1. Bi-directional link (sending commands to child)

4. Getting stop reason (normal, signals like segmentation fault and so on)