PHP MLLP Server & Client. Based on ReaktPHP.

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Last update: 2024-04-25 20:08:49 UTC


MLLP Server implementation in PHP built on reactphp. The MLLP Server listens to a TCP port. Accepts MLLP payloads, handles the unwrapping of the MLLP envelope and wrapping or the response.


This distribution contains one abstract Server class that can be used to build upon and emits 4 events. Responses to clients should be send through the send() function.


  1. connection : When a connection is made this event is emitted. Argument is the connection. Instance of ConnectionInterface
  2. data: When data is received this event is emitted. Event contains two arguments: $data the data received, stripped from it's MLLP envelope, and the connection which received the data, instance of ConnectionInterface
  3. send: When data is sent through the server this event is emitted. Event contains the unwrapped data.
  4. error: Whenever an error occurs on receiving data, unwrapping the MLLP envelope, or sending the data this event is emitted. Contains one argument: $errorMessage

Example implementation

use PharmaIntelligence\MLLP\Server;
use PharmaIntelligence\HL7\Unserializer;
use React\Socket\ConnectionInterface;

class MyServer extends Server {
    // No added logic in this example

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$socket = new React\Socket\Server($loop);
// Set up a React stream to STDOUT to log everything to the console.
$logging = new React\Stream\Stream(STDOUT, $loop);
$server = new MyServer($socket);

// Log connection info
$server->on('connection', function(ConnectionInterface $connection) use($logging) {
    $logging->write('Connection from: '.$connection->getRemoteAddress().PHP_EOL);

// Log error info
$server->on('error', function($errorMessage) use($logging)  {
    $logging->write('Error: '.$errorMessage.PHP_EOL);

// Log sent data
$server->on('send', function($data) use($logging)  {
    $logging->write('Sending: '.str_replace(chr(13), PHP_EOL, $data).PHP_EOL);

// Log received data
$server->on('data', function($data) use($logging)  {
    $logging->write('Received: '.str_replace(chr(13), PHP_EOL, $data).PHP_EOL);
$server->on('data', function ($data, ConnectionInterface $connection) use($server) {
    // $data contains a HL7 Payload
    // Parse HL7 and create an ACK message
    $ack = 'AN_ACK_STRING';
    $server->send($ack, $connection);