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A Small Application Framework

0.1.0 2013-10-04 04:47 UTC

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Short Intro

Tagline: "Because PHP IS my framework"

P is a PHP framework of very limited scope. It contains more architecture than lines of code. This is on purpose, this likely won't change.

New features need to be extremely vetted for inclusion in this framework. Why? Because here, NIH means "not in here". Whatever feature you think would be nice to have probably already has a better place where it could live.

Long Intro / General Perspectives

Out of the box, P delivers just enough features to allow PHP developers to build structurally sound applications without a lot of boilerplate code. P's learning curve is shallow enough so that developers can be immediately productive with just a well rounded understanding of PHP itself.

Things you'll like or won't miss in P:

  • You'll like the simple dependency injection
  • You won't miss the lack of HTTP Request/Response abstraction
  • You'll like that most objects are built on well known SPL structures
  • You won't miss hard to debut recusive and endless stack traces
  • You'll like the blissfully short implementations
  • (In other words) You won't miss the endless abstractions

That said P promotes an appliation architecture with just a handful of concepts and features:

  • Fast name based service/dependency injection
  • Simple built-in router for both HTTP and CLI request handling
  • Configuration file management and processing
  • Basic PHP/HTML, CLI, and REST output handling
  • Application lifecycle callback registration


  1. Use the skeleton project:

    composer create-project p/p-micro-skeleton ./project

  2. Create a composer.json and install:

    "require": { "pframework/p": "dev-master" }

Hello World

The painfully simple and useless hello world:

require __DIR__ '/../vendor/autoload.php';
(new P\Application())->addRoute(['GET /', function () { echo 'Hello World'; }])->run();

Base Services


Base Lifecycle Scopes