This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the alfallouji/dhl_api package instead.


v0.5 2019-04-15 17:48 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-09-21 10:51:22 UTC


** This REPO is out of support ** Please checkout other repos or request examples from DHL

In case you still have questions, you can send me an E-Mail or visit this Project on


This unofficial library is wrapping some functions of the DHL SOAP API in order to easy create/delete shipments and labels.


  • You need a DHL developer Account and - as long as you want to use the API in production systems - a DHL Intraship Account.
  • PHP-Version 5.4 or higher (It may work on older Versions, but I don't offer Support for these)
  • PHP-SOAP-Client installed + enabled on your Server. More information on



You can use Composer to install the package to your project:

composer require petschko/dhl-php-sdk

The classes are then added to the autoloader automatically.

Without Composer

If you can't use Composer (or don't want to), you can also use this SDK without it.

To initial this SDK, just require the _nonComposerLoader.php-File from the /includes/ directory.

require_once(__DIR__ . '/includes/_nonComposerLoader.php');


This Project is written for the DHL-SOAP-API Version 2 or higher.

API Version 3.0

This Project is currently not available for Version 3.0+, I plan to update it soon! Please don't send me any E-Mails about this! If you want to talk about Version 3.0, please use the Issue for it: #64

Use BETA for Version 3.0

You can still try out the dev-branch of this repo for Version 3:

composer require petschko/dhl-php-sdk:dev-dev

Version 1

Version 1 Methods are marked as deprecated and will removed soon. Please upgrade to the API-Version 2 as soon as possible.

Usage / Getting started

Please have a look at the examples Directory. There you can find how to use this SDK also with Code-Examples, else check the (Doxygen) Documentation for deeper knowledge.

Code Documentation

You find Code-Examples with explanations in the examples Directory. I also explain how it works.

You can find a Code-Reference here: (Doxygen)


I had a lot of pain studying and programming the DHL SOAP API - just to wrap some bits in a lot of XML. There is a lot, but not very helpful, documentation to the API. So I decided to create some functions in an easy to use and understand library.

There is also a lot of old stuff in the Documentation, so that you can not sure if it is right...


All these Persons helped to create this SDK for the DHL-API:

  • aschempp - For the help with the Notification E-Mail
  • cedricziel - For turning this Project into a Composer-Package
  • Dakror - For the ProductInfo-Class
  • octlabs - For adding some missing Documentation
  • Petschko - Initially created this Project and decided to share it for free
  • tobias-redmann - For the setFullStreet method and the PHP-DHL-Example-Project for Version 1 (This helped a lot to understand how the API works)


If you like this Project may consider to Donate. I usually do this Project in my spare time and it's completely free. So I appreciate anything, which helps the Project (Pull-Requests, Bug Report etc), these are more worth than Donations but I'm happy for every amount as well. ^.^


  • You can E-Mail me if you have Questions or whatever (No Bug-Reporting please!):
  • You can Chat with me in Telegram @petschkoo
  • You can Report Bugs here in the "Issue"-Section of the Project.
    • Of course you can also ask any stuff there, feel free for that!
    • If you want to use German, you can do it. Please keep in mind that not everybody can speak German, so it's better to use english =)