Validate numbers, email, strings, dates, URIs and more

v0.8.7 2023-03-21 11:28 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-21 14:22:59 UTC


If you like to add Validate subpackages for a country or 
some specific (like Finance) needs, please send a mail 
to the pear-dev Mailing list to discuss it.

There is no need to create a proposal. There is no vote 
or other community requests to add a locale to validate.

We do not have many requirements, but the following must
be fullfilled:

- Validate API compliant
- No conflict with existing sub packages
- If possible more than one maintainer (asking other 
  validate_xx maintainers help)

Only the current active leads of Validate can agree or
not to publish a subpackage (actually pajoye, dufuz).

If you need an starting point then take a look at Example_Locale.php in 
the docs dir (
You can take that file to have something to start from and also to have
three functions to start implementing before doing your first release.

To make things even easier then you just go in there and replace [Your Name]
with your real name <> with your email (but still keeping
the <> around the email) and [LocaleName] should be replaced with your locale
name, like say HU or IS or such.

Now you just have to implement those functions and write further info for each
function where relevant (some countries have more requirements than others
and the end developer has to know those things, urls to those infos are also fine)
and if you have any extra functions in mind then just go and implement 
those also! ;)