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Structures_Graph is a package for creating and manipulating graph datastructures. It allows building of directed and undirected graphs, with data and metadata stored in nodes. The library provides functions for graph traversing as well as for characteristic extraction from the graph topology.



For a PEAR installation that downloads from the PEAR channel:

$ pear install pear/structures_graph

For a PEAR installation from a previously downloaded tarball:

$ pear install Structures_Graph-*.tgz

For a PEAR installation from a code clone:

$ pear install package.xml

For a local composer installation:

$ composer install

To add as a dependency to your composer-managed application:

$composer require pear/structures_graph


Run the tests from a local composer installation:

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.xml.dist


LGPL-3.0+ license