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php composer.phar require pe/pe-wp-forms:^1.0

Example form

  [form-text name="your_email" label="Your email" /]  
  [form-textarea name="your_message" label="Your message"]  
    [form-validate type="length" min="10" /]
    [form-validate type="required" /]  
  [form-button type="submit" name="submit" label="Send"]  
  [form-action type="success_message"]
  [form-action type="auto_hide" delay="3" /]

TODO rewrite readme to actual

Form shortcode [sunnyct-wp-forms ...]

For insert form on page use shortcode [sunnyct-wp-forms id="123"] where 123 is identifier of form


Common attributes

  • name - string, required

Text field attributes

  • type - string, possible values: text (default), search, email, password
  • label - string
  • placeholder - string

Example: [text ...]

Textarea field attributes

  • label - string
  • placeholder - string

Example: [textarea ...]

Checkbox field attributes

  • label - string

Example: [checkbox ...]

Choice block attributes

  • type - string, possible values: select (default), checkboxes, radios
  • label - string
  • multiple - boolean, useful only for type="select"
  • placeholder - string, adds a special "empty" option will appear at the top of a select widget

Example: [choice_block multiple="1" ...] choice options here [/choice_block] 1=true, 0=false

Choice option attributes

  • name - string, required if label empty
  • label - string, required if name empty
  • group - string, options group title

Example: [choice_option name="foo" label="Foo" group="Examples"]

Button attributes

  • type - string, possible values: button (default), submit, reset
  • label - string

Example 1: [button label="Text label here" ...]

Example 2: [button] HTML label here [/button]

Validate shortcode [validate ...]

Common attributes

  • name - string, required, field name to validate
  • type - string, required, possible values: length, required, email

For type="required" no more attributes needed

Example: [validate name="title" type="required"]

For type="length" attributes

  • min - integer, required only if max empty
  • max - integer, required only if min empty

Example: [validate name="title" type="length" min="3"]

For type="email" attributes

  • checkMX - boolean
  • checkHost - boolean
  • strict - boolean

Example: [validate name="title" type="email" strict="1"] 1=true, 0=false

Action shortcode [action ...]

WARNING! [action ...] shortcode must be closed via [/action] tag even if the content is empty

Common attributes

  • type - string, required, possible values: mail, success_message, redirect, auto_hide

For type="mail" attributes

  • from - string, required, sender email
  • to - string, required, recipient email
  • subject - string, required

Example: [action type="mail" from="" to="" subject="Subject"] Mail body [/action]

In mail body you can use form field value via [data key="<field name>"]

For type="success_message" no more attributes needed

Example: [action type="success_message"] Success message text or HTML [/action]

For type="redirect" attributes

  • url - string, required
  • delay - int, optional, if need delayed redirect

Example: [action type="redirect" url="" delay="5"]

For type="auto_hide" attributes

  • delay - integer, required, in seconds, must be greater than 0

Example: [action type="auto_hide" delay="3"] useful only for hide bootstrap modal

For add custom action you need add class and filter as example:

if (class_exists('SunNYCT\WP\Forms\Action\Action')) {
    class SignUpForNewsletter extends \SunNYCT\WP\Forms\Action\Action
        public function execute(FormInterface $form)
            // Do some stuff
    add_filter('sunnyct-wp-forms-action-types', function (array $types) {
        $types['sign_up_for_newsletter'] = 'SignUpForNewsletter';
        return $types;

After that you can use new action in form as [action type="sign_up_for_newsletter" ...]