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The Pdf4me Client API is a PHP package which connects to its highly scalable SaaS cloud service with many functionalities to solve your document and PDF requirements. The SaaS API provides expert functionality to convert, optimize, compress, produce, merge, split, ocr, enrich, archive, print documents and PDF's.

Feature Description
Optimize PDF's can often be optimized by removing structural redundancy. This leads to much smaller PDF's.
Merge Multiple PDF's can be merged into single optimized PDFs.
Split A PDF can be splitted into multiple PDF's.
Extract From a PDF extract multiple pages into a new document.
Images Extract images from your document, can be any type of document.
Create Pdf/A Create a archive conform PDF/A including xmp Metadata.
Convert to PDF Convert your documents from any format to a proper PDF document.
Stamp Stamp your document with text or images.


The Pdf4me PHP API client can be installed using Composer.


To install run composer require pdf4me/pdf4me_api_client_php:"dev-master"

Getting Started

To get started get an Api-Key and Password by dropping us an email (support-dev@pdf4me.com).

The Api-Key/Password is required to Authenticate. The Pdf4me Client Api provides you already with the necessary implementation. You need only to get an instance for the Pdf4meClient as shown in the sample below.

// load Composer
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Pdf4me\API\HttpClient as pdf4meAPI;

$token     = "6fghwiIBWbGkBMo1mRDMuVwkw1EPsNhjdS"; // replace this with your token
$client = new pdf4meAPI($token,$apiurl); // were $token is compulsary and $apiurl are optional

# The pdf4meClient object delivers the necessary authentication when instantiating the different pdf4meClients such as for instance Merge

$pdfMerge = $client->pdf4me()->merge([
          "documents"=> [
		'name' => 'test1.pdf',
    		'docData' => $client->getFileData('/var/www/test1.pdf')
], [
		'name' => 'test.pdf',
    		'docData' => $client->getFileData('/var/www/test.pdf')