The MVPS Muven Framework.

v1.0.1 2020-08-30 01:35 UTC


Develop rapid, robust, and powerful web applications.

About MVPS Muven

Muven was created to speed up MVPS development efforts for web applications. Built on upon a stripped down version of the Laravel framework, Muven provides developers an expansive toolset to build rich and enjoyable web applications. The framework offers a service provider to the pdeans Miva JSON API library to quickly set up projects and integrations that tie into the Miva JSON API.

Checkout the the ExampleController under the app/Http/Controllers path for an example of getting setup with the API service provider.

Getting Started

To get started, run the following command to create a new Muven project in the directory of your choosing.

composer create-project pdeans/mvps-muven muven

Make sure to follow the steps for getting a Laravel application setup, and then it's time to get Muven!

Further Reading

As the framework is built largely on the Laravel framework, it is highly recommended to checkout the Laravel documentation and work along side it as you build out your applications.

If your application will be interacting with the Miva JSON API, make sure to update the .env in the project root with your credentials and store information, then checkout the pdeans Miva JSON API documentation.