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Notification API PHP client

1.0.1 2021-01-05 08:06 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-05 09:46:21 UTC



##What is NotificationPhpClient?

This is a library for Notification API. It allows you to easily check sign and parse the callback request from about funds in your account. You have to set-up notifications in "Account settings" page on to get the notifications.



  • Use git clone to copy the NotificationPhpClient directory to your project directory.
  • Add the following code to your PHP file where you intend to check notification callbacks:
   require_once '/path/to/NotificationPhpClient/src/Evp/Notification/Autoloader.php';

This will ensure that all of the library's classes are properly loaded. Make sure you change the 'path/to' to the actual path of the NotificationPhpClient.


  • Add "paysera/notification-php-client": "dev-master" dependency to composer.json file.
  • Execute composer update paysera/notification-php-client in your project directory.

##Using the library

$notification = Evp_Notification_Container::create()->getRequestParser()->parseRequest($_POST);

Evp_Notification_Container::create method is used for fluent interface, you can create container by using new keyword.

Evp_Notification_RequestParser::parseRequest method returns instance of Evp_Notification_Entity_OperationNotification, which provides interface for getting the data from callback. You can use method Evp_Notification_RequestParser::parseRequestToArray to get all passed parameters as an array if you prefer.

You can customize the parameters and services by providing optional array parameter when creating Evp_Notification_Container.

Each time when callback is parsed and signature is checked, public key is requested from server. To cache public key, provide parameter cache.filePath to container. For example:

$container = new Evp_Notification_Container(array(
    'cache.filePath' => '/tmp/evp.notifications.public-key.php',

Be aware that this file must be in a safe place that no other script or third party could overwrite it. Otherwise security can be breached by replacing the public key. If there is no cache available, file is not readable or sign is invalid with cached key, public key will be downloaded from and saved to cache.

Notification API requires that response code would be 200 and content would start with "OK". Library does not provide any method to give this kind of response.

If signature check does not pass or some other issue occurs, library throws an exception. You can process those exceptions by catching them:

try {
    $notification = Evp_Notification_Container::create()->getRequestParser()->parseRequest($_POST);
    // process $notification somehow
    echo 'OK';
} catch (Evp_Notification_Exception $exception) {
    // log $exception somehow
    // do not respond 'OK' if you want that callback would be repeated after some time
    echo 'Error: ' . $exception;

##Running tests

Run phpunit in the base directory.