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Wrapper around JSON-decoded data that lets easily get structured items

0.2.2 2019-10-07 15:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-23 15:25:43 UTC


This library provides class that lets easily get structured items from JSON-decoded data.


So that it would be easier and quicker to:

  • check correct data types. This allows to use PHP7 static type-hints easily;
  • check required keys/items;
  • give defaults to missing items;
  • provide information about exact place in object tree where the data fails your requirements.


$jsonString = json_encode([
    // ...
/** @var stdClass $jsonData */
$jsonData = json_decode($jsonString);

$data = new ObjectWrapper($jsonData);

// Use like an associative array if needed
foreach ($data as $key => $value) {

var_dump($data['non_existing']);    // just null - no notice

var_dump($data->getRequired('required_key'));   // throws exception if missing

var_dump($data->getString('key_with_string'));  // throws exception if not string, defaults to null
var_dump($data->getString('key_with_string', 'default'));  // different default
var_dump($data->getRequiredString('key_with_string'));  // throws exception if missing or not string

var_dump(get_class($data->getRequiredObject('inner_data'))); // always another ObjectWrapper instance
var_dump(get_class($data->getObject('inner_data'))); // another ObjectWrapper instance or null

var_dump($data->getArrayOfString('keys'));    // array of strings
var_dump($data->getArrayOfOject('children')); // array of ObjectWrapper instances

try {
} catch (MissingItemException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage(); // Missing required key "inner_data.list.0.key"
    echo $e->getKey();     // inner_data.list.0.key


  • $data[$key] - use array accessor to get any value inside, returns null if it's unavailable. If value is object, instance of ObjectWrapper will be returned;
  • getRequired. Returns mixed value, but checks that it is provided;
  • getRequiredBool. Returns bool;
  • getBool. Returns bool or null;
  • getRequiredFloat. Returns float. Accepts int, but casts it to float;
  • getFloat. Returns float or null. Accepts int, but casts it to float;
  • getRequiredInt. Returns int;
  • getInt. Returns int or null;
  • getRequiredObject. Returns another ObjectWrapper instance;
  • getObject. Returns another ObjectWrapper instance or null;
  • getRequiredString. Returns string;
  • getString. Returns string or null;
  • getArray. Returns array. If no item is provided, returns empty array, so no getRequiredArray is available;
  • getArrayOfBool. Returns array, all it's items are bool (or it's empty);
  • getArrayOfFloat. Returns array, all it's items are float (or it's empty);
  • getArrayOfInt. Returns array, all it's items are int (or it's empty);
  • getArrayOfString. Returns array, all it's items are string (or it's empty);
  • getArrayOfObject. Returns array, all it's items are instances of ObjectWrapper (or it's empty).
  • getDataAsArray. Returns array, all it's items are array or primitive types.
  • getOriginalData. Returns stdClass, the original data passed to constructor.

Some things to keep in mind

  • stdClass is used for objects - this is default for json_decode. This is to easily check where the data was an object and where it was an array. For example, if empty object or empty array is passed as JSON and you denormalize to an array, there is no way to check what was the type of original data;
  • null values are treated the same as it would not be provided at all:
    • it will not throw InvalidItemTypeException if you provide null and some type was expected (even array or object);
    • it will throw MissingItemException even if you provide the value but it is null;
  • the object cannot be modified - setting or unsetting anything is not supported.