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PHPSikuli is a PHP5 wrapper for Sikuli.

Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen. It uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components.


Sikuli is a Java application, that works on Windows XP+, Mac 10.6+ and most Linux/Unix systems. It requires Java JRE 6 or JRE 7 to be installed.

Clone PHPSikuli which includes Sikuli jar file:

git clone

Include either PHPSikuli.php or PHPSikuliBrowser.php in your project.


Sikuli documentation can be found here. Most wrapper methods have same or very similar names however their usage slightly differ. E.g:

// Python
topLeft = Location(reg.x, reg.y) # equivalent to
topLeft = reg.getTopLeft()

theWidth = reg.w # equivalent to
theWidth = reg.getW()

reg.h = theWidth # equivalent to

// PHP
$topLeft = $sikuli->createLocation($sikuli->getX($reg), $sikuli->getY($reg));
$topLeft = $sikuli->getTopLeft($reg);

$theWidth = $sikuli->getW($reg);


Code Example

require_once 'PHPSikuli/PHPSikuliBrowser.php';

// Use Firefox.
$sikuli = new PHPSikuliBrowser('firefox');

// Go to Google.

// Search for 'Squiz Labs'
$sikuli->type('Squiz Labs');


// Find the Squiz Labs Home page link on the search results page.
$link = $sikuli->find('Home');

// Highlight the found text (region) for 2 seconds.
$sikuli->highlight($link, 2);

// Click the link.