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PAYONE Payment Plug-In for Shopware version 5

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4.5.0 2021-07-20 13:17 UTC


The PAYONE payment extension for Shopware is already certified by shoplupe for its Usability, but we are willing to do an even better job in questions of functions, security or quality of code. The community here on Github is a great help for that and we are happy about your participation. Take a look at our released version and send us commits or other feedback to take care for the best possible solution.

Important Functions for Shopware

  • Very wide range of functions, simple and comprehensible supported by detailed online help
  • Central configuration and management options on the Shopware Backend
  • Integrates via AJAX into the existing Shopware Shop; checkout without redirection to third-party websites
  • Credit assessments with dynamic payment option control in the checkout section depending on the consumer's credit rating
  • Export function of the configuration in XML format to get easier support
  • Optional multi-partial capture for partial deliveries
  • Supports simplified PCI DSS conformity in accordance with SAQ A
  • Find all currently supported payment methods on

More Information

Documentation for Shopware 5: see


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