PAYONE payment gateway for all German online and offline payment methods including PayPal, all major Credit Cards and Maestro.

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v3.2.0 2020-10-27 12:54 UTC


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The PAYONE payment extension for Magento 2 is massively reworked since the first version. The Github-Community was important for this development. Take a look at our last released version and send us commits or other feedback to take care for the best possible solution. Your feedback is very important to us to ensure a flawless code and rapid development.

Important functions for Magento 2

  • Seamless integration of Magento's OnePage Checkout
  • Very wide range of functions, simple and comprehensible supported by detailed online help
  • Central configuration and management options on the Magento Admin Panel
  • Export function of the configuration in XML format to facilitate the technical support
  • Optional multi-partial capture for partial deliveries
  • Supports simplified PCI DSS conformity in accordance with SAQ A
  • Payment methods can be automatically hidden depending on the amount of the order and the credit rating of the customer
  • Find all currently supported payment methods on


  • Go to your installation directory of Magento 2 and perform the following commands
  • composer require payone-gmbh/magento-2
  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  • php bin/magento cache:clean

Magento Version Support

We follow Magento's version lifetime according to their Enterprise Agreement. In theory, Magento 2.0 is still supported, but not actively tested.

Support for Magento 2.1 was phased out in June 2019. From that date, we discontinued actively testing Magento 2.1.

Support for Magento 2.2 was phased out in December 2019. From that date, we discontinued actively testing Magento 2.2. Subsequently, it will be removed from our build matrix in the future.

More information


Office Kiel
Fraunhoferstraße 2-4
24118 Kiel, Germany
Phone +49 431 25968-400 Fax +49 431 25968-1400


See our License Agreement at:


Since the end of August 2017, the two payment specialist companies PAYONE and B+S Card Service merged to become BS PAYONE GmbH. All current partnerships will be maintained the way they are. APIs, interfaces, and other technical parameters will stay the same. Your current contact persons will continue to gladly be at your service.
BS PAYONE GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and is one of the leading omnichannel payment providers in Europe. In addition to providing customer support to numerous Sparkasse banks, the full-service payment service provider also provides cashless payment transactions services to more than 255,000 customers from various branches – whether that be in stationary retail or when completing e-commerce and mobile payment transactions.