The Payum extension. It provides Mbe4 payment integration.

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The Payum extension. It provides mbe4 payment integration.

Getting Started


This library requires PHP 7.1 or higher.

Installing the extension

Install this extension as a Composer dependency by requiring it in a composer.json file:

composer require payhelper/payum-mbe4

Register the mbe4 Payum factory using PayumBuilder:

use Payum\Core\GatewayFactoryInterface;
use PayHelper\Payum\Mbe4\Mbe4GatewayFactory;

$payumBuilder->addGatewayFactory('mbe4', function(array $config, GatewayFactoryInterface $gatewayFactory) {
    return new Mbe4GatewayFactory($config, $gatewayFactory);

$payumBuilder->addGateway('mbe4', [
    'factory' => 'mbe4',
    'username' => 'username', // change this
    'password' => 'password', // change this
    'clientId' => 4321, // change this
    'serviceId' => 1234, // change this
    'contentclass' => 1, // change this, see mbe4 documentation below

Supported methods

This extension supports only single payments, no subscriptions.

See mbe4 documentation.

Symfony integration

  1. PayumBundle installation

In order to use that extension with the Symfony, you will need to install PayumBundle first and configure it according to its documentation.

composer require payum/payum-bundle ^2.0
  1. Register mbe4 Gateway Factory as a service
# app/config/services.yml

        class: Payum\Core\Bridge\Symfony\Builder\GatewayFactoryBuilder
        arguments: [PayHelper\Payum\Mbe4\Mbe4GatewayFactory]
            - { name: payum.gateway_factory_builder, factory: mbe4 }
  1. Configure the gateway
# app/config/config.yml

            factory: mbe4
            username: username # change this
            password: password # change this
            clientId: 4321 # change this
            serviceId: 1234 # change this
            contentclass: 1 # change this
  1. Gateway usage

Retrieve it from the payum service:

$gateway = $this->get('payum')->getGeteway('mbe4');


This library is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license.