Unofficial LiveAgent API v3 PHP Client

dev-master 2018-09-16 14:42 UTC


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This is an unofficial LiveAgent API v3 PHP Client. QualityUnit does not provide official one yet.

This is still an unstable development version. Currently only all GET requests are implemented and one POST to create a ticket. Feel free to contribute and add any missing requests.

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Use composer to install this package.

Example of usage

Create a new LiveAgentAPI client instance

$la = new QualityUnit\LiveAgentApi('', 'api_key');

$ticket = new QualityUnit\Ticket('Test API', 'This is a testing message.', '', '');


How to run tests?

Tests are build with Nette Tester. You can run it like this:

php -f tester ./ -c php.ini-mac --coverage coverage.html --coverage-src ../src

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 7.1+
  • php-curl


MIT License (c) Pavol Biely

Read the provided LICENSE file for details.