A library for developing modern WordPress themes

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Last update: 2022-12-06 19:31:42 UTC


A library for developing modern WordPress themes. It contains both PHP and JavaScript code, so it is necessary to utilize two different package managers. Composer is used for PHP and NPM for JavaScript.

This library is built on top of, which is a bundling tool that provides an easy-to-use set of tools to develop WordPress themes with the power of webpack. The library adds some functionality to to allow a component based development approach, like the one seen in many popular front end frameworks like React or Vue.js. The approach let's you easily split up your front end code into components which will only be sent to the client if they are actually displayed on the page the client is currently viewing.

In order to give you more power over the data structures your site is based upon, this library uses the pro version of the plugin Advanced Custom Fields (provided it is installed). With the help of this plugin's input components wpdev allows you to define data schemas for custom post types and single pages.



composer require paulkre/wpdev


npm install @paulkre/wpdev