A base class for extending when setting up post types.

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A simple abstract class to encapsulate registering post types and their arguments.

Using the class

The intention is that you setup the extended class with a name and some values then trigger the registration with a call to the protected method register().

You can pass in an array for $labels and $args prior to you calling register if you are generating the parameters for the CPT on-the-fly.

Extending the class

In the child class set the $name property to the slug to be used for the CPT then override the get_labels and get_args methods with your values.

Licence Information

This package is licensed under GNU GPLv2 or later licence.

Help Section contained in the package is based on and inspired by Justin Tadlock's Customizer Upsell Section - - GPLv2 licence.

Copyright 2018 © William Patton.