KSS Plugin for Pattern Lab

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The KSS plugin adds support for parsing and displaying Knyle Style Sheets within Pattern Lab PHP. KSS is "documentation for any flavor of CSS that you’ll love to write. Human readable, machine parsable, and easy to remember." The KSS plugin uses the scan/kss-php package.


The KSS plugin currently only works with the Mustache PatternEngine for Pattern Lab PHP. Twig support will be coming soon.


Pattern Lab PHP uses Composer to manage project dependencies. To install the KSS plugin run:

composer require pattern-lab/plugin-kss


Simply use the KSS syntax in your CSS, SCSS, or LESS files.

The Styleguide Field

The styleguide field is how you connect your sections of KSS documentation with specific patterns. For example, this block of KSS would be associated with the atoms-star-button pattern based on the Styleguide field.

A button suitable for giving stars to someone.

:hover             - Subtle hover highlight.
.stars-given       - A highlight indicating you've already given a star.
.stars-given:hover - Subtle hover highlight on top of stars-given styling.
.disabled          - Dims the button to indicate it cannot be used.

Styleguide atoms-star-button