Compile scss files with scssphp/scssphp across different extensions

1.0.0 2023-09-15 13:08 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-15 13:10:14 UTC


SCSS Compiler Extension for compiling scss files.


Install SCSS Compiler with composer

  composer req passionweb/scss-compiler


Include the template file SCSS Compiler within your root template.


  1. Add following code snippet to your extensions setup.typoscript, add your scss file(s) and include the template:

    page = PAGE page { includeCSS { {EXTENSION_NAME}_theme1 = EXT:{EXTENSION_NAME}/Resources/Public/Scss/Theme/theme1.scss {EXTENSION_NAME}_theme2 = EXT:{EXTENSION_NAME}/Resources/Public/Scss/Theme/theme2.scss } }

You can add your scss file(s) with includeCSS or includeCSSLibs.

  1. Relative path from extension root to your theme files must always be EXT:{EXTENSION_NAME}/Resources/Public/Scss/Theme/
  2. Add composer dependency to extension(s) which should use the scss compiler to prevent unwanted issues
  3. If you use the EXT:bootstrap_package disable the CSS pre processing option in the extension settings. Otherwise scss files from other extensions except the EXT:bootstrap_package will be ignored
  4. The new generated asset(s) will be placed in public/typo3temp/assets/compiledscss/css/UNIQUENAME.css