Shows the integration of the Mollie API for payments. (TYPO3 CMS)

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Shows the integration of the Mollie API for payments. (TYPO3 CMS)

What does it do?

Adds two plugins to show the process for handling payments with the Mollie API.


Add via composer:

composer require "passionweb/mollie-api"
  • Install the extension via composer
  • Flush TYPO3 and PHP Cache


This example uses the Mollie API and the corresponding composer package mollie/mollie-api-php.

Simple RouteEnhancer

Add the following snippet to the routeEnhancers section within your config.yaml:

  type: Simple
  routePath: '/{order_id}'
    order_id: '[a-zA-Z0-9].*'
  _arguments: {}

Frontend configuration "enforceValidation"

If this setting is active you need to add the order_id parameter to the excludedParameters if you want to use exactly the code snippets from this example repository.

'cacheHash' => [
    'enforceValidation' => true,
    'excludedParameters' => [

Otherwise, you can build an Extbase RouteEnhancer, generate the uri for the Mollie API request and add the parameter to the paymentreturnAction within the MollieController.

Extension settings

There are the following extension settings available.


# cat=mollie; type=string; label=Mollie API key
mollieApiKey = YOUR_API_KEY

Enter your Mollie API key.


# cat=mollie; type=string; label=PID of payment success page
successPid =

Enter the page id of your payment success page.

Troubleshooting and logging

If something does not work as expected take a look at the log file. Every problem is logged to the TYPO3 log (normally found in var/log/typo3_*.log)

Achieving more together or Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

I'm grateful for any feedback! Be it suggestions for improvement, requests or just a (constructive) feedback on how good or crappy this snippet/repo is.

Feel free to send me your feedback to or contact me on Slack