Shows two different use cases of factories. (TYPO3 CMS)

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Shows two different use cases of factories. (TYPO3 CMS)

What does it do?

Adds a plugin for example output of the two different use cases of factories.


Add via composer:

composer require "passionweb/factories"
  • Install the extension via composer
  • Flush TYPO3 and PHP Cache


This example uses no 3rd party libraries.

Extension settings

There are the following extension settings available.


# cat=Basic; type=string; label=Custom key
customKey = YOUR_KEY

Enter your custom key (only for testing purposes)

Troubleshooting and logging

If something does not work as expected take a look at the log file. Every problem is logged to the TYPO3 log (normally found in var/log/typo3_*.log)

Achieving more together or Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

I'm grateful for any feedback! Be it suggestions for improvement, requests or just a (constructive) feedback on how good or crappy this snippet/repo is.

Feel free to send me your feedback to or contact me on Slack