Simple wrapper to log command for git/hg/svn

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PHP library to make it easier to get data from various version control systems used at Mozilla.

Curretly, its only features are:

  • Extract commit data from Subversion/Git/Mercurial repositories via the svn|git|hg log command and return that data with the same structure (so data extracted from these logs can be more easily merged/compared).
  • Run an update command on the repository

###Installable via Composer:

    "require": {
        "pascalc/vcs" : "dev-master"

###Example of use:

// Import classes in the current namespace
use VCS\Mercurial;
use VCS\Git;
use VCS\Subversion;

// Composer autoloading
require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create objects for each repository we want to analyse
$hg  = new Mercurial('/path/to/hg/repo');
$git = new Git('/path/to/git/repo');
$svn = new Subversion('/path/to/svn/repo');

// Update local repos from remote server

// Dump all the commits extracted

###Data is returned as a structured array:

    0 => [
        ['commit']  => (string) '116254',
        ['author']  => (string) 'Joe Bar',
        ['email']   => (string) '',
        ['date']    => (object) DateTime(),
        ['summary'] => (string) 'Commit summary field'
        ['vcs']     => (string) 'hg'

The commit field contains a subversion revision number (116254), a short mercurial changeset reference (1645:0be17cfdfdb1), or a full git sha1 (dbf6cf2cdc9bf0ddc65e0b9b5fc330a90db6fc40).

The author field contains the name of the committer. For Subversion, it is the same value as email as Subversion doesn't have an Author field.

The email field is the email used to commit, if the email was not in the log (push by a tool for example), this email is empty.

The date is the commit date as a DateTime object with the same formatting for all repositories.

The summary is the first line of the commit message.

The vcs is the type of Version Control System the commit was done on. The possible values are svn, hg and git.

Note that Subversion being a centralized VCS, it doesn't keep any local history and needs an active internet connection to get the log from the remote server. For that reason it is a good idea to cache that data in case a connection cannot be established and to avoid overloading the remote subversion server.