Vendor-agnostic two-factor authentication library

v0.2.2 2016-06-17 23:34 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-15 13:29:48 UTC


Designed to be a vendor-agnostic implementation of various Two-Factor Authentication solutions.

Developed by Paragon Initiative Enterprises for use in our own projects. It's released under a dual license: GPL and MIT. As with all dual-licensed projects, feel free to choose the license that fits your needs.



composer require paragonie/multi-factor

Example Usage

use ParagonIE\MultiFactor\OneTime;
use ParagonIE\MultiFactor\OTP\TOTP;

$seed = random_bytes(20);

// You can use TOTP or HOTP
$otp = new OneTime($seed, new TOTP());

if (\password_verify($_POST['password'], $storedHash)) {
    if ($otp->validateCode($_POST['2facode'], time())) {
        // Login successful