A plugin for Terminus-CLI that allows for installation of Quicksilver webhooks from the Quicksilver examples, or a personal collection.

1.3.0 2019-02-22 16:36 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-13 18:55:40 UTC


Actively Maintained

Terminus v2.x Compatible Terminus v1.x Compatible Terminus v0.x Compatible

Terminus Plugin that allows for installation of Quicksilver webhooks from the Quicksilver examples, or a personal collection, on Pantheon sites.

Adds a command 'quicksilver' to Terminus 1.x which you can use to initialize a starting pantheon.yml file, or add a quicksilver web hook from the examples respository or a personal collection. For a version that works with Terminus 0.x, see the 0.x branch.

Use as directed by Quicksilver examples.


This plugin will allow the user to quickly install Quicksilver webhooks pulled from either the Pantheon Quicksilver examples project, or from a personal collection of commonly-used webhooks.

To provide your own repository containing example webhooks that can be installed with the terminus quicksilver install command, set up a configuration file in your home directory, as shown below:

mkdir ~/.quicksilver
cp example-user-config.yml ~/.quicksilver/quicksilver.yml

See contents of this file for customization instructions.


Init pantheon.yml File

cd /path/to/local/pantheon/site
terminus quicksilver:init

Writes a simple pantheon.yml file to get you started with Quicksilver.

Install a Quicksilver Webhook

cd /path/to/local/pantheon/site
terminus quicksilver:install debug

Installs one of the example projects from quicksilver-examples, and updates the site's pantheon.yml file. Searches for a project whose name contains the provided string; in the example above, the debugging_example will be installed.

Once the sample has been installed, read its README file and customize the pantheon.yml file as needed.

Install a Predefined Set of Quicksilver Webhooks

cd /path/to/local/pantheon/site
terminus quicksilver:profile development


Terminus 3.x

terminus self:plugin:install pantheon-systems/terminus-quicksilver-plugin

Terminus 2.x

mkdir -p ~/.terminus/plugins
composer create-project -d ~/.terminus/plugins pantheon-systems/terminus-quicksilver-plugin:~1

For help installing, see Manage Plugins


Run terminus list quicksilver for a complete list of available commands. Use terminus help <command> to get help on one command.