Apply upstream updates to all of your sites

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v1.1.0 2019-02-22 18:15 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-12 17:32:04 UTC


Terminus v1.x Compatible

Actively Maintained

A Terminus plugin that applies upstream updates to a list of sites.

This plugin contains two commands:

terminus site:mass-update:apply

Apply the available upstream updates for each of the sites specified.

To specify the list of sites to apply updates to you must send them to this function on stdin using a pipe. This allows you to use any other Terminus command to generate the list of sites to work on:

$ terminus site:list --format=list | terminus site:mass-update:apply
$ terminus org:site:list --format=list | terminus site:mass-update:apply

By adding --format=list to a Terminus command you will get a list of site IDs suitable for input into this command.

The mass-update command has some other options:

  • --dry-run: Show what updates would be applied but do not apply them.
  • --updatedb: Run update.php after updating (Drupal only)
  • --accept-upstream: Attempt to automatically resolve conflicts in favor of the upstream
  • --upstream=<upstream id>: Update only sites using the given upstream

terminus site:mass-update:list

List the available upstream updates for each of the sites specified.

Input for this function works the same way as the apply command. This command can be used to discover exactly which update would be applied by apply.

$ terminus site:list --format=list | terminus site:mass-update:list
$ terminus org:site:list --format=list | terminus site:mass-update:list


To install this plugin place it in ~/.terminus/plugins/.

On macOS/Linux:

mkdir -p ~/.terminus/plugins
curl -L | tar -C ~/.terminus/plugins -xvz


Run terminus help site:mass-update:list or terminus help site:mass-update:apply for help.