Drupal Console - A Terminus plugin for running Drupal Console commands on a Pantheon site

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1.1.0 2019-02-22 16:32 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-12 21:34:42 UTC


CircleCI Terminus v1.x Compatible Terminus v0.x Compatible

Terminus Plugin to run Drupal Console commands on Pantheon sites.

Adds a command 'drupal' to Terminus 1.x which you can use just like 'drush' or 'wp'. For a version that works with Terminus 0.x, see the 0.x branch.

This project is based on the drush and wp commands from Terminus core.


In order for the Terminus Drupal Console plugin to work, you must add Drupal Console to your Drupal site. Drupal Console is already included if you are using the Example Drops-8 Composer repository (recommended).


  • terminus drupal -- list
  • terminus drupal -- theme:debug


For help installing, see Manage Plugins

mkdir -p ~/.terminus/plugins
composer create-project --no-dev -d ~/.terminus/plugins pantheon-systems/terminus-drupal-console-plugin:~1


Run terminus help drupal for help.