Composer - A Terminus plugin for running Composer commands on a Pantheon site

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1.1.0 2019-02-22 16:36 UTC

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Last update: 2021-03-26 20:00:41 UTC


CircleCI Terminus v1.x Compatible Terminus v0.x Compatible

Terminus Plugin to run Composer commands on Pantheon sites.

Adds a command 'composer' to Terminus 1.x which you can use just like 'drush' or 'wp'. For a version that works with Terminus 0.x, see the 0.x branch.

This project is a simplified version of the original Terminus Composer Plugin by Brian Thompson, updated for Terminus 1.x.


If using Composer to manage your site on Pantheon, it is best to start with the appropriate relocated document root Composer example project:

Using Composer to manage standard sites on Pantheon not started with these upstreams (or a similar variant thereof) is not recommended. Ensure that your site's pantheon.yml contains web_docroot: true. See Serving Sites from the Web Subdirectory for more information.


  • terminus composer my-script


Commands such as composer require and composer update take a lot of memory, and are likely to fail when run on the platform. Some problematic examples appear below:

  • terminus composer -- composer config repositories.drupal composer
  • terminus composer -- require drupal/media
  • terminus composer -- update


For help installing, see Manage Plugins

mkdir -p ~/.terminus/plugins
composer create-project --no-dev -d ~/.terminus/plugins pantheon-systems/terminus-composer-plugin:~1


Run terminus help composer for help.