An automatic account creator for Open Tibia servers.

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dev-apolune 2016-09-11 19:21 UTC

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Apolune is the codename assigned to the version of pandaac that utilises Laravel 5.2.


Quick Notes

Server Owners
  • Apolune is currently only being tested with The Forgotten Server 1.1.
    • Other server packages (e.g. Avesta, TFS 0.3) are planned for future releases.
  • As a temporary solution, we use the dummydata.json file for anything server related.
    • The dummydata.json file is no longer in effect. It has instead been split up into several separate files for easier management. They may be found within the storage folder (here).
  • If you would like to contribute to Apolune, please make sure all of your code is using the PSR-2 coding standard.
  • You may also contribute to our public CDN.


Change my/path/ to wherever you want to install Apolune & run the command in your terminal.

composer create-project pandaac/pandaac my/path/ dev-apolune

Once the installation process is complete, you'll want to edit the .env file to fit your needs. Run the following command in your terminal to migrate the necessary database tables. You'll need to have an active database set up with the TFS 1.1 schema pre-installed.

php artisan migrate --seed