Laravel package for managing postgresql schemas

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This package is not auto-updated.

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Please contact me if you are interested in maintaining this library. I no longer work with Laravel so I'm not able to keep up with the updates.

Laravel PGSchema

With this package you can create, switch and drop postgresql schemas easily. This is very useful when you are working with multi-tenants applications.


  1. Use composer to add the package into your project using composer require pacuna/schemas:dev-master

  2. Add 'Pacuna\Schemas\SchemasServiceProvider' to your app.php file in the services providers section.

  3. Add 'PGSchema' => 'Pacuna\Schemas\Facades\PGSchema' into the aliases section


Assuming that you have your db configuration ready, meaning that your default connection is 'pgsql' and your pgsql credentials are setted in the usual way, you can use the next functions:

Create new Schema


Switch to Schema


if switchTo is call without arguments, it switches to the public schema (default)

Drop Schema


Migrate Schema

PGSchema::migrate($schemaName, args[])

For example create a migrations in a custom path: php artisan migrate:make create_dogs_table --create=dogs --path=app/database/migrations/foo

Then you can migrate some schema using this path PGSchema::migrate($schemaName, ['--path' => 'app/database/migrations/foo'])

Multi-tenancy Example (SaaS)

Checkout this repo In the handlers folder you can find the code that contains calls to the package.

Laravel version

Current package version works for Laravel 5. If you need Laravel 4 support checkout for the laravel4 branch.