Base clases to API RESTful.

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Last update: 2023-10-01 00:34:31 UTC


Base clases to API RESTful.


Install via composer

composer require p4scu41/basecrudapi

Register Service Provider

Note! This and next step are optional if you use laravel>=5.5 with package auto discovery feature.

Add service provider to config/app.php in providers section


Publish Configuration File

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\BaseCRUDApiServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Config Vendors

* Laravel Activitylog [https://github.com/spatie/laravel-activitylog]
    - php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\Activitylog\ActivitylogServiceProvider"
    - Take a look at config/activitylog.php before run migration
    - php artisan migrate
    - Add in .env ACTIVITY_LOGGER_ENABLED=true
* Laravel 5 Repositories [https://github.com/andersao/l5-repository]
    - In your config/app.php add Prettus\Repository\Providers\RepositoryServiceProvider::class to the end of the providers array
    - php artisan vendor:publish --provider "Prettus\Repository\Providers\RepositoryServiceProvider"
    - Take a look at config/repository.php
* PHP Performance tool [https://github.com/bvanhoekelen/performance]
    - In app/Http/Kernel.php add \p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\Http\Middleware\PerformanceLoggerFinish::class, at the end of the $middleware array
    - You can handle the performance logger in the controller with is_tracking_performance = true, you can add exceptions with except_track_performance array and enable the queries log with is_query_log = true
* LERN (Laravel Exception Recorder and Notifier) [https://github.com/tylercd100/lern#lern-laravel-exception-recorder-and-notifier]
    - php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tylercd100\LERN\LERNServiceProvider"
    - Take a look at config/lern.php before run migration
    - php artisan migrate
* Laravel Stats Tracker [https://github.com/antonioribeiro/tracker]
    - In your config/app.php add PragmaRX\Tracker\Vendor\Laravel\ServiceProvider::class to the end of the providers array
    - php artisan vendor:publish --provider=PragmaRX\\Tracker\\Vendor\\Laravel\\ServiceProvider
    - By default everything is disabled you need to decide what you want to log. Take a look at config/tracker.php and eneable some options:
        'enabled' => true,
        'use_middleware' => true,
        'do_not_track_paths' => [
            // 'api/*',
        'do_not_track_ips' => [
            '', // Local: range -
            '', // Megacable
            '', // Infinitum
        'log_untrackable_sessions' => false,
        'log_enabled' => true,
        'console_log_enabled' => true,
        'geoip_database_path' => storage_path('geoip'),
        'log_geoip' => true,
        'log_user_agents' => true,
        'log_users' => true,
        'log_devices' => true,
        'log_languages' => true,
        'log_referers' => true,
        'log_paths' => true,
        'log_queries' => true,
        'log_routes' => true,
        'user_model' => p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\Models\User::class,
        'stats_panel_enabled' => true,
    - Add \PragmaRX\Tracker\Vendor\Laravel\Middlewares\Tracker::class to the array $middleware in app/Http/Kernel.php
    - Create a database connection called tracker in config/database.php
    - php artisan tracker:tables
    - php artisan migrate
    - composer require geoip2/geoip2
    - php artisan tracker:updategeoip
    - sudo chmod -R 777 storage/geoip/
    - git clone https://github.com/BlackrockDigital/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2.git public/templates/sb-admin-2
    - cd public/templates/sb-admin-2
    - git checkout tags/v3.3.7+1
    - git checkout -b v3.3.7+1
    - sudo npm install -g bower
    - bower install
    - sudo npm install --global gulp-cli
    - gulp
* CORS Middleware for Laravel 5 [https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-cors]
* JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen [https://github.com/tymondesigns/jwt-auth]
    - In your app/Http/Kernel.php add 'jwt.validation' => \p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\Http\Middleware\JWTAuthValidation::class to the end of the routeMiddleware array


In your config/app.php add p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\Providers\ResponseMacroServiceProvider::class to the end of the providers array

If you would like to add the JWT incorporated, change all the references to the model User to p4scu41\BaseCRUDApi\Models\User::class in the directory config




$ composer test


If you discover any security related issues, please email pasperezn@gmail.com instead of using the issue tracker.