OXID core and module configurations importer and exporter

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OXID Core and Module Configurations Import and Export module

Tools to export, backup and import OXID eShop modules, module settings, shop settings and module activation. There are 2 ways to use the functionality:

  • via OXID console commands
  • via a GUI based dashboard in eShop administration area under Service -> Module Configuration Im-/Exporter.

All relevant modules configuration is being used including: Versions, Extended classes, Module classes, Templates, Blocks, Settings and Events.


Install using a local repository

  • Create a local directory for repositories in your project, e.g. oxideshop/extensions.

  • Check-out this module and move it to the directory you just created

  • Add the repository to your project's compser.json, e.g. like this:

      "repositories": {
          "oxid-professional-services/oxid-modules-config": {
              "type": "path",
              "url": "extensions/oxps_modulesconfig/"

Install from VCS

  • Require oxid-professional-services/oxid-modules-config

Compatibility table

OXID Eshop Version OXID Modules Config Version
6.1 6.1
6.2 Not yet supported