Folders structure, empty classes and metadata generation for new OXID eShop modules.

dev-master 2021-11-09 09:03 UTC


Folders structure, empty classes and metadata generation for new OXID eShop modules.

Concentrate only on features - let OXID Module Skeleton Generator create all the rest!

  • Enter Your copyright data in the module settings
  • Open an easy to use Module Generator Wizard
  • Enter new module name and optional components
  • Press "Generate New Module" and its done - new module is now ready to be activated and filled with features!

OXID Module Skeleton Generator features

  • Fully configurable vendor/author parameters for new modules creation
  • Vendor folder and vendor metadata automatic creation
  • Standard module folders structure creation
  • Completely filled module medatada file generation
  • Naming based on vendor data and module name
  • Created modules follow OXID standards
  • Automatic creation of pre-filled README file
  • Generation of PHP files comments with all vendor and module data
  • Main module class is included in each generated module
    • It contains activation/deactivation events
    • Support automatic SQL execution on the events
    • The class "knows" about its module and provides useful methods
  • Generation of skeleton files for...
    • Overloaded (extend) classes
    • New controllers (also templates are created)
    • Model classes
    • List model classes (linked with item model classes)
    • Widgets (also with templates)
  • Smarty blocks metadata and templates generation
  • Module settings metadata and translations generation
  • Translation files creation
  • Module version
  • Automatic checkout of tests folder
    • And generation of pre-filled tests classes for each new module class
    • Configurable GIT repository URL to get tests folder from
  • Learning mode
    • Creation of hints and to do tasks inside generated files to help proceed with development
    • Sample source code generation to give a hint what each class could/should contain
  • Generated module is immediately working
    • Activate it and events, settings, blocks, controllers, etc. will already be in action!


  • Copy the content of copy_this/ folder to OXID eShop root folder
  • Activate the module in administration area
  • Set eShop modules/ folder writable while generating new modules


  • Make sure eShop modules/ folder (and also Your vendor sub-folder, if it exists) is writable
  • Log in to eShop administration area
  • (for first run) Go to Extensions -> Modules -> OXID Module Skeleton Generator -> Settings -> Vendor and Copyright Settings and enter Your vendor, copyright and author data
  • Open Module Generator -> Wizard (refresh page if it did not appear after module activation)
  • Enter a name for a new module in "UpperCamelCase" format, e.g. "MyModule"
  • (optionally) Enter any other options required in a new module (refer to help hints for more info)
  • Press "Generate New Module" button
  • The module skeleton source is now available in Your vendor sub-folder
  • And the module could be activated already in Extensions -> Modules

To do and nice to have features for future releases

  • Refactor longer classes to move some methods elsewhere
  • Extend blocks definition validation and blocks templates naming
  • EDIT mode feature: for existing modules, generate/add extra stuff
  • Create nice looking generation form with JS/AJAX events to validate and help enter proper values (auto-complete)
  • Admin interface presets generation, also with menu.xml
  • Generate picture with PNG text overlay with real module name
  • PHPStorm style schemes (or some code beautifier) integration - after generation do code formatting
  • Copy not all folders, but only required ones (Refactor copyDir by providing "copy scenario" array)
  • dbEvent fail on multi-shops and multi-lang in real life projects - need PHP based DB installation